Login to reply the answers Post; Kate M. Lv 7. When they came to England they were called Hollanders. Dutch have short, glossy fur. Hi, my friend has dutch/ mini rex mix rabbit kits for sale. The Rexed coats are unusual but occur (and have been preserved) in cats, rats, rabbits, horses, and dogs. 0 0 0. Later they came to be known as Dutch, the name we all recognize. Very early in their development the rabbits with Dutch markings were called Petite Brabicons. Answer Save. Dutch are a small breed, but not a dwarf. However, very near to me a pet shop sells mini rex rabbits so i am thinking of getting one of those. Both can make great pet, but both have downsides if you are showing. I was at a fair and saw some of each breed. The fur is normal length, with a soft under layer covered by longer guard hairs. The Dutch rabbit is probably one of the easiest breeds to identify because of the distinctive white markings. They will happily run and jump high into the air when they are out of their hut, especially if they are outside with some soft grass beneath their fuzzy little feet. Dutch rabbits are one of the oldest domestic breeds around, so you can be sure that they love to be outside their enclosure whenever possible. What about Dutch? These effects are due to changes in the structure of groups of hairs and cross-section of individual hairs.

History, Temperament, and Common Uses: The Dutch rabbit breed originated in the Netherlands. Due to change in circumstance I am having to rehome my bunnies ️ 5* Homes only! I am a 4-H member and I would like to know which rabbit has a better coat, better personality and other facts. Lv 5. 9 years ago. 2 Answers. I thought mini rexs were smaller than Dutch? Dutch/ mini rex rabbit mix? ️ ️ 2 x Lionhead Bucks 1x Lionhead Doe Dutch/Rex Doe Will come with change over food and hay, any questions feel free to ask, no time wasters A rabbit's breed has little to do with temperment. Me. what are the differences? Mini rex or Dutch rabbit? I like them both. Which is a good beginner breed? I was going to get a Dutch rabbit but I would have to travel some distance. Relevance . I was wondering what there temperament is going to be like when they are older, and if it would be worth getting one, or to hold of for a holland lop? The rex mutation is a genetic variation in mammals that results in soft curly fur. Ive heard dutch rabbits are affectionate and easy to train etc. The white blaze on the nose, and the white collar and the “saddle” on the back are a dead giveaway.
10 years ago. They were both really soft. I read that mini rex are good starter rabbits. Source(s): mini rex dutch rabbit: https://biturl.im/Qr5Zh.
Thanks Some mini rexs at the fair were bigger than the dutch's? Favorite Answer. What do you think about each breed? The Dutch seemed the most calm.

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