In 1958 he had his first one-man exhibition, a rousing success. U.S. painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Born in 1930 in Augusta, Georgia, Jasper Johns grew up in rural South Carolina and lived with his paternal grandparents after his parents divorced when he was only a toddler. Born in Augusta, Ga. in 1930, he began his career as a commercial artist, producing displays for New York shop windows. The paintings of his deceased grandmother, hung in his grandfather's house where he lived until the age of nine, provided his only exposure to art in his childhood. Jasper Johns, who was born in Augusta, Georgia, on May 15, 1930, lacked stability during his childhood, which was spent in South Carolina. Jasper Johns was born in 1930 in Augusta, Georgia, and raised in South Carolina. Artist Bio. Jasper Johns, (born May 15, 1930, Augusta, Georgia, U.S.), American painter and graphic artist who is generally associated with the Pop art movement.. Johns studied briefly (1947–48) at the University of South Carolina at Columbia and then moved to New York City to pursue a career as an artist. With his friend R. Rauschenberg, he is considered largely responsible for the vogue for Pop art. Much of the work that he created led the American public away from the expressionism form, and towards an art movement or form known as the concrete. BIO. Jasper Johns was an artist that came onto the scene in the 1950s. In the paintings, Johns presents images that move into the realm of objects and wrestle with the validity of representation as a philosophical concept. He would depict many flags and maps, and this created a more distinct style with the work that was being done during this period in American art history. Jasper Johns’s groundbreaking 1958 installation at the Leo Castelli Gallery of his famous target and flag works changed the current of New York painting and had an extraordinary impact on contemporary art. For three semesters he attended the University of South Carolina at Columbia, where his art teachers urged him to move to New York, which he did in late 1948. He began drawing as a young child, and from the age of five knew he wanted to be an artist. Biography of Jasper Johns.

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