Citation: Syst. It can grow to over eleven feet long and weight over 2000 pounds. Some of these unique adaptations include an artery that branches into a series of blood vessels found at the posterior region of the brain (rete mirabile or carotid rete), which come into contact with a network of small venules transporting blood back from the nasal passages. During winter, it thickens to provide added insulation against the cold while large chunks of fur are shed in the summer to keep the animal cool. General Characteristics Body Length: 300 cm / 10 ft. Camels have been known to drink over 30 gallons of water in just a few short minutes! A camel is always armed with different arsenals to ensure its survival in a harsh environment like a desert. Camels have many adaptations to cold and heat, and can survive for long periods without water. Taxonomy Camelus bactrianus [Linnaeus, 1758]. With its tolerance for cold, drought, and high altitudes, it enabled the travel of caravans on the Silk Road. The energy in their humps, as well as other adaptations that help them to conserve water, allows Bactrian camels to go for months without drinking water.

Their long eyelashes and sealable nostrils provide protection from the sand that is whipped up during a sandstorm. The species' thick, brown coat changes with the seasons.

Bactrian Camel Adaptations For Desert Conditions Bactrian camels have a number of adaptations that allow them to live in extreme desert conditions. Nat., 10th ed., 1:65. In this way the body catches less sun and doesn’t heat up at fast. Pregnancy in camels lasts for 11 months and calves are generally born in March and April. When camels do eat, they will forage on any plants available.

An imposing animal, the Bactrian camel can reach seven feet in height and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Bactrian camels, whether domesticated or feral, are a separate species from the wild Bactrian camel, which is the only truly wild (as opposed to feral) species of camel in the world.

The coat sheds for the summer.

There are only two surviving species of camel remaining, the single humped camels from the Middle East and the bactrian (double humped) camel from Northern Asia.

What are two adaptations of the bactrian camel? Bactrian camels have many adaptations that help them survive in the rocky deserts in Asia where they live.

A thirsty camel can drink a lot of water, however. The bactrian camel is better known as being the type of camel with two humps. It is a huge camel that can grow to over seven feet tall at the shoulder! Camel Adaptations Behavioural Adaptations Structural adaptations Camels have learned to face the sun while lying down, causing less of the body exposed. Wild Bactrian camels are endangered, but there are many domesticated Bactrians. Camels urinate on their legs to try and cool down the blood Click on the pictures above for a larger view of the photographs. They have very few sweat glands, so lose little liquid through their skins.

Type locality: "Bactria" (= Uzbekistan, Bokhara) (domesticated stock). Camelus bactrianus. Unanswered Questions.

The Bactrian camel is most famous for the two large humps on its back.

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