The bull shark is the most frequent attacker of people, as it swims in very shallow waters where people swim and is an aggressive shark.

Bull sharks get their name from their short, blunt snout, as well as their pugnacious disposition and a tendency to head-butt their prey before attacking. Located on the side of a shark’s head are five to seven gill slits; in order for gas exchange to occur correctly, water has to consistently flow over the gill slits. Like other fish, the shark anatomy includes gills to aid in respiration. The anatomy of a shark resembles the design of an airplane; they have a tail and the wings to help balance everything and to give it speed and while there is no evidence that the dynamic design of airplanes came from the shark anatomy … Anatomy: The bull shark has a short snout that is wider than it is long (hence its name).

Like other fish, sharks possess an internal skeleton.

Their small eyes indicate that they have limited vision, which could account for the fact that they like to swim in murky waters near the shoreline where eyesight isn't as important and prey is abundant.

A sharks skeleton differs from that of other fish because it is composed entirely of cartilage. Its belly is off-white, its top surface is gray, and its eyes are small.

2.24 and 2.25) and narrow, triangular lower teeth with fine serrations and broad bases.

The shark’s back is light to dark grey and the underbelly white. The dentition of the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas: DF S12-14/S12-13) is typical for the group, consisting of broad, triangular, and heavily serrated upper teeth (Figs.

Cartilage is a strong and durable material but also light weight and relatively flexible. The largest specimen recorded was 13 feet (4m), although this is not well verified. The anal fin on the underside of the shark serves the same purpose.

These characteristics aid in the … Bulls are dark to light gray with a white underbelly and have smaller eyes than many of their shark cousins. The heaviest recorded bull shark was 694 lb (315kg). Bull shark anatomy Bulls are recognisable by their stocky build and blunt snout.

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