5.1 Patch 2.5.0.

Each Map spawns five Totems at the beginning of a trial.
There are two types of Totems, Dull Totems and Hex Totems. "Dead by Daylight will be using data centers from an established provider in supported regions. I'm honestly surprised one doesn't exist; I've googled for it and found nothing. You will have to note that all hatch locations Dead by Daylight hints are just calculated guesses from the repeated study of the game.

In Dead by Daylight, Hatches acts as a life saver in the game and the last survivor can try saving his life from the enclosed forest. For now, we will have centers located in the following areas: US East (Ohio) US West (N. California) South America (São Paulo) EU (London) EU (Frankfurt) Asia Pacific (Singapore) Asia … I realize the maps are procedurally generated, but there are always certain landmarks and areas that can hold totems.
The Dead by Daylight World is Procedural. You would think given how important it is to find Ruin and other ♥♥♥♥♥♥ it would be made by now. Since the game uses code to procedurally generate the world, it is fair to say that the Dead by Daylight escape hatch locations are to some extent random.

Totems are a Game Mechanic that was added to Dead by Daylight with Patch 1.3.0 .

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