Guinea pig communication isn’t just sounds and noises, though. ... Now imagine these moves set to the sound of popcorn popping and you will understand why it’s referred to as “popcorning.” A popcorning guinea pig is a happy piggy, and young guinea pigs tend … Perhaps he spots that nutritious and yummy treat in your hand and simply can't contain his enthusiasm. Guinea pig popcorning is the term used to represent those sudden crazy leaps into the air which your guinea pigs make out of nowhere when they are excited. Popcorning occurs when a guinea pig is excited. And while you don’t need to worry if your cavie doesn’t popcorn–not all guinea pigs do–taking good care of your fur baby is always a top priority.
help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. r/guineapigs: For caretakers of guinea pigs encouraging the proper techniques in handling, treating and raising cavies. Generally, popcorning is a sign of glee in guinea pigs, and the more content your furry friend, the more likely you are to see the happy piggie dance. These behaviors together are referred to as popcorning. AnimalTV 1,252,962 views. One of the ways a guinea pig shows his/her excitment/affection. Appropriate Housing Adequate space has a profound influence on the happiness and well-being of guinea pigs. In order to be the best owner you can possibly be, you need to understand what and how your guinea pig is feeling at all times. But don't worry - popcorning is normal. A dying guinea pig will become very weak and unable to feed or water himself as his death approaches. Running in happy guinea pigs is often accompanied by leaping. By checking this box I understand that I am opting in for promotional sales, marketing plus newsletters. Words wonderful words I love them. What triggers popcorning can be from a variety of things such as anticipation of … Now he's started to do this jump and twitch thing and from what I've seen on YouTube it doesn't look like popcorning. Popcorning is particularly common in youthful cavies. 10 Common Guinea Pig Behaviors Explained.

Watching your guinea pig’s body language can tell you tons about what they are thinking and feeling, and you’ll start to recognize how they combine all kinds of vocalizations and body language to get their point across. A healthy guinea pig does not require routine tooth trimming. Popcorning Piggies. It’s typically seen more frequently in younger guinea pigs because they weigh less so their hops are higher and more visible. ... Popcorning Piggies. If your guinea pig is popcorning, he's probably feeling jovial. Blend or mix a guinea pig "smoothie" that contains hay, water and ground up pellets and feed it to him. 303. Basically they jump around in little hops and twists. If your little piggy is bucking, squealing, and just generally acting crazy, then you're probably looking at a popcorning guinea pig.

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