Qiviut is softer, finer, and eight times warmer ... Muskox: a Guide to Identification, Hunting, and Viewing What is Qiviut? Unknown July 1, 2015 at 6:07 PM. Mar 1, 2013 - Explore barbarabj's board "Qiviut", followed by 145 people on Pinterest.

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Care of Whips Good whips, properly used and maintained, should give long service. Information for Knitters and Spinners.

If you are blending the fiber with wool, you can card it by hand or you can try using a drum carder with an extra fine carding cloth.

There are several spellings for this word: kiviuk, qiviuk, qiviut, qiveut, to name a few. QIVIUT & CO uses fibre sourced from processors in Canada and Greenland harvesting via the third method. Qiviut The soft brownish wool-like under fur, or “qiviut,” has . Qiviut is shed naturally each spring and can be gathered where it falls to the ground or catches on bushes.

Sometimes the fiber is dyed or blended with other fibers, such as merino and silk. While an adult musk ox can produce 6 to 8 pounds of fiber, it will only yield about 2 to 3 pounds to spin into yarn after cleaning. An adult animal produces six to eight pounds of qivuit per year, before cleaning and processing. I do not do yarn. A common procedure is to take the hide and shear off the guard hair to the qiviut layer, once this is done the qiviut comes out with very little guard hair at all.

:) How do I wash and clean my new found lil treasure.

Qiviut is a rare, incredibly soft and light-weight fiber.

Physical damage such as hitting on sharp objects, gravel, concrete etc., being jammed in doors or truck tailgates, or chewed by dogs or poddy calves, obviously will destroy a whip quickly.

It keeps the musk ox warm in its native habitat of the arctic regions in places such as Canada, Greenland, Sweden, Siberia, Norway, and Alaska. Qiviut Fiber This is a tray of Natural shed qiviut before washing or dehairing.....not too many guard hairs compaired to clipped qiviut. Tundra & Snow. Normally you do not need to card qiviut or clean it in any way after you remove the guard hair.

Excited. But I want to do this correctly. Replies. People collect the naturally shed fur clinging to bushes in the early summer (photo 5). See more ideas about Knitting, Knit crochet and Pattern. The word qiviut describes the soft under wool of the Musk Ox or Oomingmak. Because of the difficulties in obtaining the fibers, the limited musk ox population, and the wonderful properties of the yarn, qiviut is very expensive – prices in the range of $100 per ounce are common. Arctic Handknitted 80% Qiviut / 20% silk We are happy to introduce the new Tundra and Snow line which differs from our traditional line in that it is knitted from a yarn made from 80% qiviut and 20% silk, in member-designed patterns, incorporating the natural qiviut color with a … Mar 1, 2020 - Explore gramiglenda's board "Qiviut" on Pinterest. Until now, these processors harvested qiviut to be made only into yarn for sale to home hobbyists knitting garments by hand. Contributed by Sylvia Becker (SylviaPFD@aol.com). Finally, the clean… On the farm, this valuable fiber is gently combed out over several sessions. I found a little tundra qiviut. See more ideas about Lace knitting, Knitting and Hand spinning.

Processing and spinning Qiviut Qiviut is the warm, soft undercoat of the musk ox.

been called the rarest fiber in the world. Qiviuk is from Muskox, and most of what is commercially available with that label is the mostly dehaired down fiber. Information about Qiviut (Musk Ox) Fiber. Any stray plant matter or flecks of skin and dander will fall out as you are spinning.

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