In appropriate habitat at low elevations, American Bitterns are common, although difficult to spot, year round in the west, and from April to September in eastern Washington.

Found in marshes with a mix of open water and vegetation, often with cattails, phragmites, or lily pads. Although not list as endangered or threatened at the federal level, the least bittern is a species of high concern in the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan and is a U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service migratory bird of conservation concern in the Northeast. Management techniques need to be developed to create optimal combinations of marsh and open habitat conducive to Least Bittern nesting. This is a terrestrial bird species that has a large global range of up to 6 million square kilometers. least bittern nests in the north-central states most often associated with marshes dominated by cattail and/or bulrush. The Least Bittern was among 588 birds recently analyzed by the National Audubon Society as part of a comprehensive analysis of climate change impacts on breeding birds (Langham et al.

The male’s advertising song is a dove- or cuckoo-like repetitive, Song: Least Bittern Song, also Least Bittern Call Migration: Summers throughout most the eastern U.S. and in scattered locations in the West. Winters in the extreme southern U.S., Mexico, and Central America. Interactive eBird map: Click here to access an interactive eBird map of Least Bittern sightings Similar Species: Green Heron The breeding status of a Least Bittern on the north coast at Arcata Marsh, Humboldt County, 7–17 July 1986 (Harris 2005) is uncertain. If you plan to go outside, stay close to home and check the status of the location you're planning to visit. Recovery Strategy for the Least Bittern 2011 iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Least Bittern (Ixobrychus exilis), North America’s smallest heron, breeds in freshwater and brackish marshes with dense, tall persistent emerging plants, interspersed with open water and occasionally clumps of vegetation.

2015; National Audubon Society 2016). ways, least bitterns can be easily detected in spring migration and the nesting season by hearing their persistent vocalizations. Print. In their study of Iowa marshes, Weller and Spatcher (1965) recorded If representative of a breeding attempt, it would best be considered an extralimital one, as no Least Bitterns were recorded during the 1995–1999 Humboldt County breeding bird atlas (Hunter

Bitterns, herons and egrets are long-legged wading birds. Studies are needed of habitat use and the distribution of bitterns during migration and non-breeding to identify major stopover and wintering sites for North American birds. When compared to the American bittern, the least bittern is more prevalent in deeper water marshes (Weller 1961, Weller and Spatcher 1965). Usually seen perched motionless, straddling reeds at the edge of water or on a short dash flying just above the reeds. Current Status: In Pennsylvania, the least bittern is listed as state endangered and protected under the Game and Wildlife Code. This diminutive heron is fairly common in its preferred wetland habitat, but secretive and easily overlooked. Its soft song, Bitterns, herons, and egrets are all long-legged wading birds with long necks and pointed bills for spearing fish or other prey. The population of the Least Bittern is estimated at around 130,000 individuals. The Least Bittern is rated as Least Concern at this time. This bird is native to the Caribbean, North America, Central America and … The American Bittern can be found year round in the mild coastal and western Washington climate, and is primarily a summer breeder in the eastern portion of the state. Some Texas state parks, TPWD offices, public recreation facilities and water access points are closed.

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