The establishment of Strathclyde Business Park at Bellshill, near Motherwell, in the early 1990s allowed William Grant & Sons Ltd to create a large blending and bottling facility. Talk about Scotch Collies, and most people think of Lassie. The wife of a colleague …
Scotch Collie – Lassie and the lost dogs.

During much of the nineteenth century the dogs that the English named the 'Scotch Collie', a type derived primary from the collies of the Scottish Highlands were considered the superior working dog, take for example the following quote from 'A General History of Quadrupeds' by Thomas Bewick, 1807. Loyal, Biddable & Beautiful Companions. Border Collie Breed History. Although Lassie, now known as a Rough collie shares her roots with Scotch Collies, they are very different dogs. Scotch Collie History. Old Hemp was a smart, quiet dog used by many shepherds as he was well known as the best herding dog … The Scotch Collie is a landrace breed of dog which originated from the highland regions of Scotland. Scottish Collie History.
Posted on April 14, 2015 by owlmoonfarm. The breed consisted of both the long-haired (now known as Rough) Collie and the short-haired (now known as Smooth) Collie. We were extremely deliberate in choosing the farm dogs for Owl Moon Farm, and came across this breed in August, just after we moved to the farm. Old Time Scotch Collies. History. Many of you already know our dogs, Kep and Finn, are Old Time Scotch Collies.

The name “Border Collie” came from the simple fact the breed had been developed in a place on the Anglo-Scottish border. In fact, there is a growing movement to get the Scotch Collie recognised as a distinct breed. The history of the old time scotch collie. We have been breeding Old Time Scotch Collies for many years. They are wonderful dogs, intelligent and make great pets. All Border Collies today are known to be descents of the Old Hemp, a tri-color dog that was bred by Adam Telfer. However, it doesn’t seem I’ve shared what makes them so special to us.

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