Gcse Fractions. Previous Adding Fractions (Same Denominator) Practice Questions.

we get that \dfrac{6}{8} = \dfrac{3}{4} by observing 6 and 8 have a common factor of 2, which we can then cancel from the top and bottom (in other words, we divide both numbers by it). Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Gcse Fractions. Worksheet - Simplifying fractions.

GCSE Revision Cards. They … Simplify these fraction into their lowest terms. This worksheet is great to use in class or as a HOMESCHOOLING MATHS RESOURCE. Next Expressing as a Fractions Practice Questions. 4 PAGE WRITING EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS AND SIMPLIFYING FRACTIONS WORKSHEET SUITABLE for Functionals Skills Maths, KS3 and GCSE Foundation Maths Grades 5-1. The Corbettmaths Practice Questions on Equivalent/Simplifying Fractions. When simplifying fractions, the aim is to find a common factor in the top and the bottom and then cancel them out, e.g. Give your answers in the form a/b.

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